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If you are building a new structure, or extending an existing one, the chances are there will be some preparation work necessary. This is known as groundwork and we are really rather good at it.

All buildings need

firm foundations


Our experienced builders can advise on all of the groundworks necessary for your new build.


Drainage, water, gas and electricity supplies all have to be dealt with early on in the build if problems are to be avoided.

We'll be very down to earth with you

• Foundation trenches dug

• Foundations laid

• Water supply installed

• Sewage connected to mains

• Electricity and/or gas installed

"Professional, friendly advice from the very start"

Mr and Mrs Thomas

Let us advise you as to the type of foundations you need.


We will provide a competitive quotation and look after all the work for you if you choose us to do the job.

Start as you mean to go on - with great groundworks by N.A.Moorcroft & Sons Construction, call today on

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Groundworks checklist

Prepare to succeed

When investing in new buildings or extensions you want to be confident that everything is solid and reliable - even those things that you can't see, such as the foundations.


We have the skills, the equipment and the experience to make sure this happens.

Give your new building project a solid start

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