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If you are embarking on a project to build a home from scratch, you are going to need advice at every stage of the process. Fortunately, there is a local company you can call upon with over 30 years' experience in planning and building new homes.

New builds give you

freedom to choose


There are so many things to consider when building a new home; type of brick or other materials, type of roof, how many rooms, what sort of windows, what type of taps, the list goes on.


Don't do it alone; we've done it all before and our advice is freely given.

Inside and out, every aspect of your new home covered

• Suitable plot found, services installed

• Plans approved, permission obtained

• Building regulations adhered to

• Materials sourced

• Finance arranged

• All trades available when needed

• Ongoing advice and support

• Project management in place

Many people would say that the planning stage of a new build is one of the most important.


We agree; let's work together and plan for success.

New build checklist

Plan for success

When building a new property you don't just need the right people with the right skills - you need them onsite at the right time.


Our skilled tradesmen will always be with you when they are needed.

The right people, with the right skills, at the right time


"You have given us some splendid ideas."

G and C Waymont

You know what you want, we'll help you to get it. Call us today on 01206 230 033

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